ShareKNA is an effective and innovative Web 2.0 citizen engagement/communication platform that allows users to communicate, submit complaints, or request information from and to a participating organization. It initially was designed to engage citizens with municipalities and strengthen their relationship with them to acquire services or submit complaints. Its backend system has a fully fledged workflow that allows employees to handle requests submitted from mobile apps, reroute issues to other departments, and also report on issues. ShareKNA solution will enable local government units or any subscribed organization to monitor their service level and will also allow citizens to collaborate with the municipalities, local government units, or participating private sector organizations . Strength the relation between citizen, municipalities and local government. Enhancing services, notifications, report errors or failures (by address and GPS) . Engage citizens in decision-making. Strengthening the role of women in raising their views Collect and analyze incoming data (AI) Digital metrics evaluations (local government classification). Can be integrated with other systems. Reducing expenses.( citizens & municipalities). Enables the ministry to monitor and follow up on municipalities. Limit rumors. Switch to Smart City